Forcing a Google mini to show “omitted results”

Google’s motto may be “don’t be evil” but that doesn’t mean they can’t occasionally be overly helpful. Case in point our Google Mini (which serves up search results at Lafayette) was omitting results from the Library web site because it felt those results were too similar. You could still see them by forcing Google to … Read moreForcing a Google mini to show “omitted results”

Gorilla, err, Guerrilla Usability Testing

One our first tasks in getting usability testing for Moodle up and running is to find software that can capture video of everything that’s happening on screen, while simultaneously recording the audio of the user’s thought process. We’re still looking at Windows options, but the hands-down favorite on the Mac is Silverback. This $50 app … Read moreGorilla, err, Guerrilla Usability Testing

Moodle Usability Testing

One of our semester-long projects is to do usability testing of Moodle. We’ll be conducting a number of tests in which we give people a series of tasks to complete and how they do them. We’re not alone in this; we’re working with a number of other colleges (including Smith College, Reed College, Macalester College, Kenyon College, Earlham College and Luther College) who will be conducting tests of their own this spring.

Read moreMoodle Usability Testing

Stirring a little WordPress into your coffee…

I’ve moved the ITS Coffee Break to WordPress, or at least a good chunk of it. I was able to import the entire show archive via an RSS feed from Soapbox (which I was able to throw together using Views in Drupal, which drives Soapbox … score another one for Drupal!) Unfortunately, while WordPress will … Read moreStirring a little WordPress into your coffee…