The Many Uses of the CLAMP clamp

At MUG 2014 we gave away CLAMP clamps — translucent orange magnetic clamps with the word “CLAMP” printed on them. We promptly began to find ways to use these CLAMPs. Got an action shot of your CLAMP clamp? Add a comment below with a link to the picture and I’ll include it in this gallery.

Moodle MUG at Macalester College

The Collaborative Liberal Arts Project’s first ever Moodle User Group meeting was held June 23-24, 2014 at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN. It was followed by our traditional Summer Moodle Hack/doc Fest. Getting there was an adventure in and of itself — Charles Fulton (Lafayette College) and I took the train from New York … Read more Moodle MUG at Macalester College

Picture of the … whenever

My Picture of the Day project is slowly moving forward. I’m not hitting it with nearly the frequency that’s needed (as in actually taking a picture a day) but I’ve managed to snap a few good shots over the last month or so, including this post’s featured image of a foggy, chair-filled quad at Lafayette.