Recon made it!

A black Labrador retriever sits in front of a brick wall wearing a guide dog harness.

My family and I started raising Seeing Eye puppies in 2014. Over the last seven years, we raised four puppies, getting them when they’re seven weeks old, training them in basic obedience and socializing them in the larger world, and then sending them back to the Seeing Eye for advanced training when they’re 16-18 months … Read more

Meet Hank

A 10-week-old yellow Golden Retriever/Yellow Labrador puppy sleeps on his bacon pillow.

Meet Hank. He’s a Golden Retriever/Labrador Retriever puppy that my family and I will be raising for the next year as part of the Seeing Eye’s Puppy Raising Program. Like Olaf, the German Shepherd puppy we raised, we’ll be teaching Hank basic obedience while socializing him to the larger world. As part of that process … Read more

Picture of the Day: The Met

On Saturday I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my daughter as part of the Easton Area School District’s enrichement program. Nate Swart and his daughter were there as well, and together we did a whirlwind tour of the museum (mostly because the girls weren’t interested in hanging out and reading about particular … Read more

A 1 Terabyte Desktop

My geeky heart went a flitter this morning when my new Lacie 1 TB external hard drive arrived. It replaces my earlier 150 GB one, which I use for Time Machine backups with my Mac. The old one had worked just fine … right up until I filled most of my Mac’s hard drive. Suddenly … Read more

Views from Butler Island

I spent the first week of July 2009 hanging out with my family at our friends’ cabin on Butler Island, on Lake Champlain (on the Vermont side of the lake). We had a blast; our friends have twin 3-year-old boys who love hanging out with our son, who’s also three, and our 6-year-old daughter was … Read more

Slushy the Snow Man

  My daughter and I built a snow man after last week’s snow storm, just as the snow was turning over to rain. We named him “Slushy”; the rain caused him to fall over later that day.