Problems with Theme Options displaying for admins in WordPress MS

Since the upgrade to WordPress 3.0 things have been running fairly smoothly, but I been seeing sporadic problems with some themes no longer displaying theme options for web site administrators. The three themes in question are Mandigo, Tarski and Viala and in all cases, the superadmins for the WordPress network are able to access these … Read more

It’s quiet … too quiet

It’s been quite around here, partly because we’ve been working so hard to get WordPress MU up to speed, and partly because I was on vacation for two weeks. We’ve made a lot of progress on the WordPress front:, the successor to the pilot MU installation, is now online (and hosting this blog). It’s … Read more

NextGen Gallery 1.2.0 released

NextGEN Gallery, the popular image gallery plugin for WordPress, has a new version out. v1.2.0 includes a couple of tweaks and bug fixes, but the big thing to note is that it no longer includes the JW Image Rotator, which is the Flash image manipulation tool that allows NextGEN to generate slide shows. It was … Read more