What I’m Reading: The Wise Man’s Fear

The follow-up to Patrick Rothfuss’ excellent novel The Name of the Wind is a hefty book, weighing in at just over 1,000 pages. I’m listening to the audio book, which clocks in at 42 hours and 55 minutes. It’s long enough that I spent most of the summer listening to it, typically on my morning walks around … Read more

What I’m Reading: Recursion

The novel kicks off with an investigation into “False Memory Syndrome”, in which people suddenly find they have memories of another life. Confronted with these echoes of a parallel life, people become unhinged … or worse. I don’t want to give away the plot, but suffice it to say, things get weirder from there. Recursion … Read more

What I’m Reading: Learning Agile

After reading The Phoenix Project and Beyond the Phoenix Project, I wanted to delve deeper into Agile approaches to project management. ITS follows a traditional waterfall approach to project management, which provides structure and helps people think about what needs to be done, but it can be inflexible when you need to move quickly. This book covers … Read more

What I’m Reading: Into the Fire

A silhouette of a woman in front of an alien jungle landscape.

The second book in the Vatta’s Peace series (itself a follow up to the excellent Vatta’s War books) finds its hero, Admiral Kylara Vatta, in desperate straits. She and others maroon on an arctic island have escaped certain death, finding a secret base in the process. But now the shadowy organization who’d been exploiting that base is … Read more

Summer Reading List 2019

A space ship explodes as it approaches the outer atmosphere of a planet.

My summer reading list for 2019 is underway. It features 18 books and 5 graphic novels, making one of the biggest ones since I started keeping a formal list 12 years ago. As usual, it’s heavy on science fiction (space opera and military SF in particular) but there is a fantasy novel and a horror … Read more

What I’m Reading: A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe

Alex White’s A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe is a curious mixup of space opera and fantasy arcana, with a dash of military SF thrown in. I missed the “magic” bit when I was adding it to my Christmas wish list, and I was surprised when I read the first few pages in the … Read more

What I’m Reading: The Prefect

A close-up shot of a spherical data core from the novel.

I accidentally read the sequel to this book, Elysium Fire, as part of my 2018 Summer Reading list. That wasn’t a big problem; the book stood fine on its own and I’m already familiar with the larger “Revelation Space” universe in which it was set. That said, I wanted to go back and see what … Read more