Once upon a time, I use to spend my week nights and the occasional weekend taking random photos of the highways, byways and trails of northern New Jersey with a 35mm SLR that I borrowed from my mom. I’d shot black-and-white film, then bring it into my high school or college photo lab where I’d hand develop the film, then head into the dark room to make prints on honest-to-goodness photographic paper.

Sometimes, I miss those days. Almost all my photos nowadays are of my kids, they’re all digital, and they’re snapped using a simple Sony point-and-shoot camera or (even worse) my cell phone camera. All is not lost though — my wife and I are planning to buy a digital SLR, and when we do so I’m hoping to get back to my old photography ways.

Just without the chemicals.

This page includes my photo galleries, and serves mostly as a testing ground for WordPress Multisite’s innate image-handling capabilities as well as those of any modules we’ve installed (like NextGEN Gallery, which is probably the most popular WordPress photo gallery plugin out there).