Follow Friday for 12/4/09

Here are my higher education/web development “Follow Friday” Twitter picks for 12/4/09: @moodle official twitter account for the open source learning management system. @BryanAlexander Higher ed tech guru who groks the intersections of technology, teaching and learning. @jimgroom The best person to follow if you want to keep up with WordPress MU in higher ed.

Easton Area School District on Twitter

The Easton Area School District is on Twitter: @easdnewsflash. It has updates about district news and events, as well as breaking stuff like the district’s reaction to President Obama’s recent speech to grade school kids and announcements about UStreams of board meetings. Unfortunately they’re not being very interactive. They’re not following anyone (which half defeats … Read more

The IronPigs are on Twitter

The IronPigs are on Twitter. Granted, they’re not doing much with Twitter, seeing as how they only posted two updates in February, but here’s to hoping they start using it regularly as we head into the baseball season. I’d love to get game updates/results from Twitter! On a related note … only one month to my … Read more