Currently Reading: Dragons of Deceit

Dragons of Deceit sees legendary Dragonlance authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman return to their creation. This time, the story focuses on Destina, a young noble woman whose father died in the War of the Lance. Not one to let a little thing like death stop her, Destina seeks to travel back in time to prevent her … Read more

Recon made it!

A black Labrador retriever sits in front of a brick wall wearing a guide dog harness.

My family and I started raising Seeing Eye puppies in 2014. Over the last seven years, we raised four puppies, getting them when they’re seven weeks old, training them in basic obedience and socializing them in the larger world, and then sending them back to the Seeing Eye for advanced training when they’re 16-18 months … Read more

What I’m Reading: Manage Your Day-to-Day

I first read “Manage Your Day-to-Day” after attending David Cameron’s presentation “Human at Work or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Get Better at My Job” at  HighEdWeb 2014.  The presentation had a big impact on me and inspired me to look at things like: Blocking out creative/project time on my calendar Knowing when my most … Read more

What I’m Reading: Blood of Amber

A woman sits under a tree in a grove. Mountains and a unicorn appear in the background

I first read Roger Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber novels in college, after being introduced to them by my roommate. I’ve revisited them several times over the years. They revolve around the city of Amber, which is the archetypal city and the nexus of all Order in the universe. Everything else is shades of Chaos; any worlds you … Read more