It’s easy being green

After two years of protecting my tablet from constant abuse, it was finally time to replace my orange iPad Cover with a spiffy new green one. The orange cover was pretty beaten up:  the hinge had started to rip, causing the cover to slide out of position while I was holding it, and the cover itself looked dingy despite repeated cleanings.

I chose the green one rather than another orange because it stands out better against the background of my daily life. It’s hard to miss when sitting on my desk, and it stands out nicely against the grey lining of my backpack (which is always helpful when doing those last minute checks before a road trip.

The question now is … how do I recycle the old one?


What I’m Reading: The Evolutionary Void

The Evolutionary Void is the third in Peter F. Hamilton’s Void series. The series takes place few hundred years after the events of Pandora’s Star/Judas Unchained. In it, the Greater Commonwealth — an expansive human civilization that’s spread through much of the galaxy — and its Artificial Intelligence allies find themselves attempting to deal with a faction of humanity hellbent on evolving the species into “post-physical existence” … whether the rest of us want it or not.

Switch: Alternative Web Browser for the iPad

Safari’s a decent web web browser, but I miss having Chrome and Firefox on the iPad. Switch isn’t one of the mainstream browsers, but is an alternative. It’s claim to fame is that it lets you have multiple user accounts, so three different people can use the same iPad but have their own bookmarks, preferences, … Read more Note Taking on the iPad

Viget Labs, the folks who did the redesign of Lafayette’s web site, has a good post about using the iPad as a note-taking tool. They run down the pros and cons of the various note-taking apps on the device, including Notes, Simplenote, Evernote, Soundpaper and Penultimate.   I’ve personally been using Pages for note-taking. It … Read more