Recon made it!

A black Labrador retriever sits in front of a brick wall wearing a guide dog harness.

My family and I started raising Seeing Eye puppies in 2014. Over the last seven years, we raised four puppies, getting them when they’re seven weeks old, training them in basic obedience and socializing them in the larger world, and then sending them back to the Seeing Eye for advanced training when they’re 16-18 months … Read more

Summer Reading List 2019

A space ship explodes as it approaches the outer atmosphere of a planet.

My summer reading list for 2019 is underway. It features 18 books and 5 graphic novels, making one of the biggest ones since I started keeping a formal list 12 years ago. As usual, it’s heavy on science fiction (space opera and military SF in particular) but there is a fantasy novel and a horror … Read more