What I’m Reading: Learning Agile

After reading The Phoenix Project and Beyond the Phoenix Project, I wanted to delve deeper into Agile approaches to project management. ITS follows a traditional waterfall approach to project management, which provides structure and helps people think about what needs to be done, but it can be inflexible when you need to move quickly. This book covers … Read more

ATAC 2018 Conference at Lafayette

A view of one of the gates at Lafayette College.

  The first-ever Academic Technology Administrators Conference (ATAC) is being held at Lafayette College on June 25 and 26. Sponsored by CLAMP, the conference is dedicated to the people who design, implement and support the academic technology ecosystem. In some ways this conference is the successor to the old NITLE User Group meetings, where folks … Read more

It’s easy being green

After two years of protecting my tablet from constant abuse, it was finally time to replace my orange iPad Cover with a spiffy new green one. The orange cover was pretty beaten up:  the hinge had started to rip, causing the cover to slide out of position while I was holding it, and the cover itself looked dingy despite repeated cleanings.

I chose the green one rather than another orange because it stands out better against the background of my daily life. It’s hard to miss when sitting on my desk, and it stands out nicely against the grey lining of my backpack (which is always helpful when doing those last minute checks before a road trip.

The question now is … how do I recycle the old one?


Coffee Break Podcast for June 2013

Courtney and I managed to get out a new episode of the ITS Coffee Break in June, which is impressive given how many trips and vacations we had. Episode #76 looks at Google Loon, File Sender, summer reading lists, and technology teaching grants, CLAMP Recognition Awards, and much more. Get the podcast.

New ITS Coffee Breaks

The ITS Coffee Break is back! After an extended hiatus Courtney Bentley and I have started recording new podcasts on a bimonthly basis. Check out the most recent shows: ITS Coffee Break #70: Mobile Web, Smart Watches, MOOCs, Faculty Technology Grants ITS Coffee Break #71:WordPress, IT Security Training, Google Reader Retired ITS Coffee Break #72: … Read more