What I’m Reading: The Stars Are Legion

Spaceships fly across the orange-red surface of a planet.

The teaser for this novel sold me instantly: “Somewhere on the outer rim of the universe, a mass of decaying world-ships known as the Legion is traveling in the seams between the stars. For generations, a war for control of the Legion has been waged, with no clear resolution.  As worlds continue to die, a desperate plan … Read moreWhat I’m Reading: The Stars Are Legion

What I’m Reading: Forsaken Skies

A t-shaped starship attacks a planet.

After spending two weeks in August reading Kim Stanley Robinson’s hard science fiction novel 2312, I returned to lighter fare with the space opera Forsaken Skies. It’s your standard aliens-invade-human-space-for-unknown-reasons story but that’s exactly what I’m looking for to wind down the summer. This is the last book on my Summer 2017 reading list; if I can finish … Read moreWhat I’m Reading: Forsaken Skies

What I’m Reading: Six Wakes

A human form falls through the black void of space

I don’t often get to say that I’m reading a book written by a friend but that’s the case with Mur Lafferty’s Six Wakes. I know Mur from back at the dawn of podcasting, when she podcast Geek Fu Action Grip and I did Nuketown Radio Active. We later wrote columns for Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine. I haven’t seen Mur in … Read moreWhat I’m Reading: Six Wakes

Fuzzy Badges in Mozilla Backpack

Two silver shield-like badges - one for i-Lingua and another for i-World - appear in a Mozilla Backpack.

I spent the last week or so rolling out the 2017 editions of Lafayette’s i-World and i-Lingua badges. Evidence to support the various flavors of badges is collected using a customized Moodle instance (called, simply enough, “Badges”). Once graded using the corresponding rubrics, the badges are baked by Moodle and can then be shared with the … Read moreFuzzy Badges in Mozilla Backpack

Moodle Hack/Doc Fest, Summer 2017

Harold F. Johnson Library on a sunny day with blue skies overhead. The building itself features a stacked block design.

Moodle Hack/Doc Fest, Summer 2017 will be held Wednesday, June 21 through Friday, June 23, 2017 at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. A pre-Hack/Doc documentation and coding sprint will be held Tuesday, June 20, 2017. Hampshire also hosted Hack/Doc in Summer 2011. Unfortunately I can’t be there myself because of a prior commitment. It’s bittersweet — this is the first Hack/Doc … Read moreMoodle Hack/Doc Fest, Summer 2017

What I’m Reading: The Fuller Memorandum

The Fuller Memorandum continues the ongoing saga of Bob Howard, IT professional, British civil servant … and defender of Earth against arcane invasions. In the third entry in The Laundry Files, Bob’s boss has gone missing … and that probably doesn’t bode well for the planet. I haven’t gotten very far in the book, but so far … Read moreWhat I’m Reading: The Fuller Memorandum