Puppies and Baseball 2024

A yellow lab, with a baseball game in the ground, looks at the camera.

Our Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club held its annual puppy night at the IronPigs in tonight. A small host of puppies (and their human friends) saw our local AAA minor league team take on the Rochester Redwings. The ‘Pigs won, 4-2, thanks to a walk off home run in the bottom of the 10th.

Recon made it!

A black Labrador retriever sits in front of a brick wall wearing a guide dog harness.

My family and I started raising Seeing Eye puppies in 2014. Over the last seven years, we raised four puppies, getting them when they’re seven weeks old, training them in basic obedience and socializing them in the larger world, and then sending them back to the Seeing Eye for advanced training when they’re 16-18 months … Read more