Coffee Break Podcast for June 2013

Courtney and I managed to get out a new episode of the ITS Coffee Break in June, which is impressive given how many trips and vacations we had. Episode #76 looks at Google Loon, File Sender, summer reading lists, and technology teaching grants, CLAMP Recognition Awards, and much more. Get the podcast.

New ITS Coffee Breaks

The ITS Coffee Break is back! After an extended hiatus Courtney Bentley and I have started recording new podcasts on a bimonthly basis. Check out the most recent shows: ITS Coffee Break #70: Mobile Web, Smart Watches, MOOCs, Faculty Technology Grants ITS Coffee Break #71:WordPress, IT Security Training, Google Reader Retired ITS Coffee Break #72: … Read more

The Return of the ITS Coffee Break

After a six month hiatus, the ITS Coffee Break is back! In Episode #60 Courtney Bentley and I discuss Lafayette’s WordPress MU project, take a look at Bates College’s new WordPress-powered home page, discuss the Google Wave web application, debate the merits of Amazon’s Kindle vs. Barnes & Nobles’ new Nook ebook reader, and talk about an upcoming copyright … Read more