Stirring a little WordPress into your coffee…

I’ve moved the ITS Coffee Break to WordPress, or at least a good chunk of it. I was able to import the entire show archive via an RSS feed from Soapbox (which I was able to throw together using Views in Drupal, which drives Soapbox … score another one for Drupal!)

Unfortunately, while WordPress will happily ingest RSS, it only brings in the blog posts; it doesn’t suck in any RSS enclosures (like say, all those podcast MP3s) so all of those will need to be uploaded. I’ve added a bunch, enough to know that uploading individual MP3s into WordPress is a pain when you have a lot of them.

I’ll definitely be looking for a bulk uploader at some point (I believe this is one advantage of the Flash uploader, but alas, the Flash uploader doesn’t work with secure administration pages, which is how we’re running WordPress).

Anyway, stop by the new Coffee Break and say “hi”. It could use a few homecoming comments: