ATAC 2018 Conference at Lafayette


The first-ever Academic Technology Administrators Conference (ATAC) is being held at Lafayette College on June 25 and 26. Sponsored by CLAMP, the conference is dedicated to the people who design, implement and support the academic technology ecosystem.

In some ways this conference is the successor to the old NITLE User Group meetings, where folks could get together and talked about the technology they loved. It was a great atmosphere and one that was recreated at CLAMP’s Moodle User Group meeting in 2015. The hope is that that lightning will be captured yet again at ATAC, only this time with a focus that goes beyond the learning management system. 

You can register for the conference and propose a presentation at the ATAC 2018 website.

Even better, the conference will be followed by CLAMP’s Summer Moodle Hack/Doc Fest, also being held at Lafayette. This long-running event sees technologists from liberal arts colleges around the country get together to work on Moodle. Register for the event or learn more via the Hack/Doc webpage. Interested in Hack/Doc but not sure if you can afford it? Apply for a travel grant.