Interview with Rachel Carr

rachel carr biography

Rachel Carr is the director of the Nurture Nature Center.

She has a master’s degree in environmental policy design from Lehigh University, where she focused her research on improving flood risk communication through social science.

She is the principal investigator on several flood-related research and education projects in partnership with National Weather Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, studying the ability of these organizations to communicate with the public.


Q & A with rachel carr


  1. Tell us about your role in the Nurture Nature Center and its involvement in the community.
  2. In the context of climate change, do you think Easton is preparing for an increase in flood frequency?
  3. Do you think that climate change is on the City’s radar?
  4. Does the community actively participate in flood zone decisions?
  5. How was the Easton flood advisory council picked?
  6. How is the City of Easton addressing the safety of their homeless community in regards to flooding?
  7. Does the NNC provide a space for environmental justice?
  8. Is environmental justice on the City’s radar?
  9. How can Lafayette students/organizations get involved and help bring awareness?