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A close-up photo of the sun.

What I’m Reading: Sun of Suns

Sun of Suns takes place in an immense habitable Dyson sphere (or something like a Dyson sphere) inclosing the star Virga. A …


What I’m Reading: Aurora

Aurora is Kim Stanley Robinson’s novel about the crew of a generational starship finally arriving at their destination … and dealing with …

A close up of an eye with a stellar flare in the center

What I’m Reading: Seveneves

My summer reading list is progressing nicely. I finished up my first print novel on the list, Marque and Reprisal by Elizabeth …

Cover art for Words of Radiance.

What I’m Reading: Words of Radiance

The first book on my summer reading list is Words of Radiance, the sequel to Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings. It’s an epic fantasy novel …

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What I’m Reading: A Darkling Sea

A Darkling Sea by James Cambias is a story of first contact between humanity and a seemingly primitive race of intelligent crustaceans …