Fuzzy Badges in Mozilla Backpack

Two silver shield-like badges - one for i-Lingua and another for i-World - appear in a Mozilla Backpack.

I spent the last week or so rolling out the 2017 editions of Lafayette’s i-World and i-Lingua badges. Evidence to support the various flavors of badges is collected using a customized Moodle instance (called, simply enough, “Badges”). Once graded using the corresponding rubrics, the badges are baked by Moodle and can then be shared with the … Read more

CLAC 2015 Takes the Field

CLAC 2015 is getting close. The Consortium of Liberal Arts College’s annual conference is being held at Lafayette College from June 16 to June 18, 2015.  This is my first CLAC conference — it’s something I’ve heard people in ITS talk about for years, but it always fell at inopportune times. This year isn’t much … Read more