ePortfolio Tools

For LaFolio TechTip Manual: click here.

For Lafayette Language Portfolio Scholars: follow the steps listed below to set up your LaFolio ePortfolio.

Step 1. Before setting up your pages, add the default images to your ePortfolio Media Library

  • click on the .zip media link and extract files to a folder on your computer
  • open the Media Library on your website
  • select “Add new”
  • Browse to your computer and upload each media file (9) to the library

Step 2: To copy the LaFolio prompts and tech tips to your portfolio pages,

  • add your new page in WordPress
  • give the page the appropriate name in the title bar
  • click on the equivalent “page” .txt file (e.g., profile) listed below
  • select ALL, copy and paste the contents of the .txt file into the “.html” editor of your new page
  • disable “comments” for static pages
  • save changes
  • switch back to the “visual” editor

The page .txt files are as follows (currently under construction):

Step 3. To modify the appearance and settings, please make the following changes in the left hand tool bar:

  • Appearance
    • Theme: Activate the 2011 Theme
    • Menu: Menu on the blog page to link to other studnets
      1. Click “Menu” under Appearance on the left, below “Widgets”
      2. Create a new menu by entering a name for it
      3. On the box titled “Custom Links”, add the url to the student’s site, and their name as a Label
      4. Save your menu item
    • Widgets: and click “Widgets”
      1. Click “Widgets” under Appearance tab
      2. Add (drag and drop/click “add”) the widget CUSTOM MENU to Sidebar 1 on the right
      3. Give the Custom Menu a name: “Other students in the class”
    • Theme Options
      1. Layout Options: Use teh 1024 px theme (not the default 800 px)
      2. Header: Use slim (100 smaller)
      3. Header: Use random images from the user uploaded files or the imaes/header subfolder.
      4. Navigation:  Submenu animation speed> select “instant” for bot “appear” and  “disappear”.
      5. Pages to Exclude from Header
        1. About      *Profile      *What I can do
  • Plug-ins: activate the following
    • NextGEN Gallery
    • TinyMCE Advanced
  • Settings
    • General
      1. Enter your site title
      2. Enter the following: Lafayette College Language ePortfolio scholar
      3. Your email address
      4. Save changes
    • Reading
      1. Select “static page”
      2. Front page: Profile
      3. Posts page: My Journal
      4. Save changes
    • Privacy
      1. Recommended setting: block search engines, but allow normal visitors
      2. Or only registered users with Lafayette College
    • TinyMC
    • Drag the “tables” toolbar to the top grey bar
    • Drag the “Anchors” tool to the top gray bar