The Multipurpose Studio

The Mac Facility, located in Pardee Hall 418, was recently transformed into a state-of-the-art, multipurpose space, facilitating traditional, self-paced, and collaborative learning experiences. A centerpiece SmartBoard Sympodium creates a theater-like projection space for viewing projects, presentations, and workshops; the same sympodium also functions as an instructor’s console, dynamically supporting the teaching and learning of foreign languages, their respective cultures, and literatures. Twenty iMacs serve as student workstations; all are equipped with CD/DVD players and function as individual listening or viewing stations for the FLLRC’s extensive multimedia collection and real-time international television programming. Students work independently or together on technology-mediated communicative projects and have a variety of software programs at their fingertips; iMovie, ComicLife, Concept-Maps, WireTap, iTunes, and PulpMotion.  Moreover, each workstation comes with its own Webcam, an essential tool that supports the Language Department’s various video-conferencing initiatives with students and classes in other countries. A Self-Directed Language Learning Library is also available in the FLLRC and stocked with language preparation toolkits for college community members, who will be traveling, conducting research, or studying abroad in countries where one or more of the official languages are not offered as traditional language courses on campus. International students can hone their “English as a Foreign Language” skills by using the Ellis software program.