The LaFolio badges are based on the AAC & U value rubrics and serve as criteria for assessing the Lafayette College e-Portfolios.

Badges may be earned in 8 areas:

The e-Portfolio Badge:  LaFolio
The Interdisciplinary Knowledge and Intercultural Competence: i-World
The Communicative Competence Badge in French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Hebrew, or Arabic: i-Lingua
The Technology Literacy: i-Tech
The Leadership/ Civic Engagement: i-Lead
The Critical Thinking Badge: i-Think
The Creative Thinking Badge: i-Create

Ruby, Silver and Gold milestones may be achieved at each level.  Students must apply for each badge they wish to acquire by April 15, 2012. The appropriate Opinio request for adjudication/ survey must be filled out, indicating outlining pertinent evidence and reflections.. Recipients  from each year will be listed under badge home page, and linked to the student’s home page. A committee of professors and community members will evaluate each request.

For badge assessment rubrics, click here.