The Language Seminar Room

The PC Facility, located in Pardee Hall 419, is an integral part of the Foreign Language and Literatures curriculum and serves as a technological complement to the college’s smart-class multimedia podiums.  This learning space houses eleven Dell Optiplex computers and ViewSonic media center displays, thus enabling students to actively participate in internet-mediated class activities and research. The facility is used both as a seminar space and as a “hands-on”, project room where students can work individually or cooperatively on assignments while benefiting from the support and guidance of their instructors or FLLRC personnel. Student written and video work can be brought up from each workstation onto the rear-projection SmartBoard Display and then critiqued as a community of learners. The room currently hosts writing workshops, scaffolded Web research, and interactive Web conferences that connect Lafayette students to local and international communities.   The room features the world premier Tandberg language-learning software, Divace Solo, enabling students to practice simultaneous translations, voice-overs, text synchronizations, and other interactive listening and response activities based on video, music, and audio files. Other software includes the Sims Games in four different languages, text to speech software, as well as MS Word with all world languages enabled and tablet-drawing possibilities for Chinese.