Gallery of Student Portfolios

The Lafayette Language Portfolio: Lafolio

It facilitates students’ reflection on their goals, the learning process and their individual growth.
Helps students to draw connections between different courses and learning that occurs beyond the classroom.
Underscores the continuity of learning that occurs before and beyond the college experience.
Highlights multiple literacies
Provides a venue for building a dynamic, on-going resume.
Encourages dialogue between students and faculty to determine which projects and writing assignments best represent a student’s linguistic and cultural competency and that should, therefore, be included in their archive.

Featured Student e-Portfolio:
Matt Grandon

Our first portfolio portfolio student! Matt is a 2012 graduate from Lafayette College. He is a History and Spanish double major with a minor in Women’s & Gender Studies. After graduation, he plans on pursuing a career in higher education, social justice or administration in one of these areas.

Click on Matt’s name above to link to his portfolio. Visit the gallery below to see other featured student portfolios.


Erika Stasakova

Erika is a 2012 graduate,  majoring in International Affairs. She studied Russian and Spanish while at Lafayette, spent a semester in Spain and did a senior internship at the Slovakian consulate in NYC. Erika was a scholar-athlete and ran track .

Sean Cavanaugh

Sean is a 2018 graduate from Lafayette College. He was an English and Media Studies major, with an interest in global languages (Japanese & French). 

Katherine McFadden

Katie is a 2010 graduate from Lafayette College. She was an International Affairs major and Math minor and studied Spanish  and Chinese as well. She studied abroad both in Spain and Argentina. After graduation, she  headed to California to do food editing.

Zaina H

Zaina is a 2017 graduate from Lafayette; she studied Computer Science and French.  She presented a paper at the Undergraduate conference on Medieval Studies

Khulganaa Buyannemekh

Khulganaa is a 2018 grad in Neuroscience. She was a Germanophile, taking 10 different courses in German at Lafayette. During her four years here, she also traveled across the US, to Russia, Japan, and Korea. After graduation, she went to France for an internship. Do check out her work in community service.


Ruth is a 2018 graduate from Lafayette; An Economics, German major, she was also a scholar athlete and player on the women’s field hockey team

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