Evenings from 7 to 10. Sunday through Thursday.
Days from 9 to 5. Monday through Thursday.
Days from 9 to 4. Friday.
Sunday afternoon: 2 to 5.


  • Writing a paper?  Our proctors are advanced language students or native speakers who are willing to work through your problems with you. But, remember, you do the writing, we don’t rewrite.
  • Pitiful pronunciation? Would you like some extra speaking practice? Check out the proctors and their language availability hours below.
  • Studying for a test and have questions about the grammar? Just ask us. We  can also set you up with a group study session; the proctor will check in regularly to help.
  • Need technology help? Don’t waste your time trying to figure out your questions by yourself.  Our tech-savey proctors can help with e-Portfolios and a number of other apps.
  • Are you an athlete?  Has your prof suggested you clock in some supervised study time? Join our on-line language learners enclave and clock in some extra time. We’ll verify your extra hours with your professor.
  • Need to work on a group project but want to check in with the proctor  for some quick help and fast answers on to “how to say it right”? We’ll set your group up in a break-out room.

Native speakers and advanced learners of the 10 languages taught at Lafayette

About the LRC…

The Language and Literary Studies Resource Center at Lafayette College is a full-service, multimedia facility whose mission is to foster a dialogue between cultures* through the appropriate use of educational technology. The LRC at Lafayette complements and supports the ten different modern and classical language, literatures, and culture programs offered at Lafayette. You will find more information about these offerings in the following video as well as highlights about each language listed under the Linguas tab in the menus bar.

The LRC offers a variety of resources; students and faculty have access to everything from international virtual reality programming to the latest in pedagogical software for the study of languages and cultures.  Here, students learn how to build e-portfolios that showcase and help them reflect on their language learning journey.   Native speakers and advanced learners of the various languages taught at Lafayette are on hand to help as language tutors, technology mentors, or simply share a conversation about an international news story over a cup of coffee in our Encounter Space.  The LRC is also a venue on the campus cultural circuit, offering a number of changing art exhibits and programs.

The Center was initially created at Lafayette College in 1990. Thanks to several generous grants from alumni and the Mellon Foundation as well as a serious commitment by Lafayette to the study of foreign languages, the LRC has undergone several important upgrades in recent years. The resource center currently boasts two state-of-the-art computer rooms (Mac and PC), which are used for class assignments as well as self-directed and cooperative learning activities; it also includes technology-rich classrooms as well as several lounges and study spaces. The focus of the LLS RC is not only on providing technological resources, but also on ensuring that these resources are well-supported by our personnel and integrated into the overall language learning experience.

*The French historian, Jacques Le Goff