Below you can find documentation for all parts of the TSV (Tractive System Voltage) subsystem of the LFEV. The Tractive System Voltage subsystem produces the accumulator which provides the high voltage power to the car.

To gain an overview of the TSV subsystem, we recommend reading the Accumulator User Manual and Maintenance Manual. For improvements, refer to the errata and steps to competition ready documents.

GitHub Repository: TSV


Helpful notes for future competition teams:

2017-2018 FSAE Rules (pdf)

TSV : Steps to being Competition Ready (pdf) (docx)

2017 TSV Errata (pdf) (docx)


Helpful Datasheets

I2C2PC Adapter Datasheet – BL233b (pdf)

I2C2PC Adapter Datasheet – i2c2pc (pdf)

AMS Datasheets (zip)

PacMAN Datasheets (zip)

Accumulator Equipment Data Sheets (zip)



Accumulator Memo #1 (pdf)

Accumulator Memo #1 with Data (zip)

Accumulator User Manual  (pdf) (docx)

Accumulator Maintenance Manual (pdf) (docx)

Accumulator Pack BOM (pdf) (xlsx)

Hardware Assembly (pdf) (see Sheet 2 of Accumulator BOM xlsx)

Accumulator Mechanical BOM for Manufacturing (pdf) (xlsx)

Accumulator Equipment Data Sheets (zip)

Mechanical Inventor Drawings (zip)

Pack Wiring Diagrams (zip)

TSV Acummulator ICD (pdf) (docx)

Cell Replacement Procedure (pdf) (docx)

Accumulator List of Suggested Parts (pdf) (docx)


PacMAN [Pack Manager] (L17-TSV-1)

PacMAN Memo #1 (pdf)

PacMAN BOM (pdf) (xlsx)

PacMAN Build Instructions (pdf) (xlsx)

PacMAN Programming Manual (pdf) (docx)

PacMAN Installation Guide (pdf) (docx)

PacMAN_Rev_0_8_Schematic (pdf)

PacMAN Hardware v0.7  (zip)

PacMAN Software v0.16 (zip)

PacMAN Binaries (zip)

There appears to be a bug with the PacMAN where it sets the coulomb count to 0 if a cell undervoltage is detected.  This probably should not open the AIRs.  See attached files for information (email) (data dump).  Note the data is frozen after the red line.  PCV23 (Voltage on Pack 2 Cell 3) drops beneath minimums.


AMS [Accumulator Management System] (L17-TSV-2)

AMS Memo #1 (pdf)

AMS BOM (pdf) (xlsx)

AMS Schematic v0.4 (pdf)

AMSVU User Manual (pdf) (docx)

AMS Software (zip)

AMS PCB Layout (zip)

AMS Binary (zip)


Control Panel (L17-TSV-3)

Panel PCB Schematic (pdf)

PCB Panel Layout KiCad (zip) 

Control Panel PCB BOM (pdf) (xlsx)