Controller Cooling System

Below you can find documentation for all parts of the Controller Cooling System subsystem of the LFEV.

GitHub Repository: Cooling


General Documentation

System Block Diagram (pdf) (zip)

Cooling ICD Internal (pdf) (docx)

Cooling ICD External (pdf) (docx)

Cooling BoM (pdf)(xlsx)

Cooling User Manual (pdf) (docx)

Cooling Maintenance Manual (pdf) (docx)

Cooling Errata (pdf) (docx)

Cooling Poster: (pdf)


Cooling Enclosure & Panels

Cooling Enclosure Inventor Files (zip)

L17_COOLING_01_D1 (pdf)

L17_COOLING_02_D1 (pdf)

L17_COOLING_03_D1 (pdf)

L17_COOLING_04_D1 (pdf)

L17_COOLING_05_D1 (pdf)

L17_COOLING_06_D1 (pdf)

It is to be noted that all of these documents use units of inches.



ArduinoUNO (pdf)

KEYES 5V Relay Module KY-019 (pdf)

MCP2515 (pdf)

MCP2551 (pdf)

SparkFun_CAN-Bus_Shield_v13a (pdf)