For the overall system diagram: Overall System Diagram

For the LFEV GitHub Repository: GitHub


Here you will be able to find all of the completed components and documentation of each LFEV-Y5 subteam:

TSI [Tractive System Interface]

  • Provide connection and safety for the power supply of the motor

GLV [Grounded Low Voltage]

  • Provide 24V to all systems, excluding the motor

VSCADA [Vehicle Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition]

  • Provide data acquisition capability, as well as diagnostics

Cell App

  • Be able to wirelessly interface with SCADA system

Controller Cooling System

  • Using 24V, while providing constant feedback to SCADA, cool the motor

Interconnect, Cabling, ICD [Interconnectivity Document]

  • Interconnect / Cabling: provide safe and consistent connections between subsystems.
  • ICD: provide documentation for both hardware and software and interfaces.

DYNO [Dynamometer]

  • Build and prepare Dyno room for testing for all sub-systems

TSV [Tractive System Voltage]

  • Provide 96V to the motor, as well as diagnostic information, and update its charging algorithm

Car Physics Investigation

  • Helping TSV team understand relevant research, as well as physical modeling of the car, and developing a cruise control algorithm

JGB [John Gehrig Board]

  • The JGB boards are interfaced to each subsystem that allow communication between all subsystems