What I’m Reading: A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe

Alex White’s A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe is a curious mixup of space opera and fantasy arcana, with a dash of military SF thrown in. I missed the “magic” bit when I was adding it to my Christmas wish list, and I was surprised when I read the first few pages in the … Read moreWhat I’m Reading: A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe

Summer 2016 Reading List

An ominous starship looms against a blue-black nebula background

I’ve compiled my summer reading list for 2016. As is normal for me, it’s dominated by space opera and military science fiction, but peppered with some steampunk and superhero fiction. It weighs in at 14 books and 6 graphic novels. That’s one fewer than last year, but that gives me  gives me some wiggle room to … Read moreSummer 2016 Reading List

What I’m Reading: Consider Phlebas

Cover art for Consider Phlebas

The last book on my 2014 summer reading list, and the one I didn’t get to finish. Consider Phlebas is the first novel in Banks’ Culture series of novels. It’s a morally ambiguous space opera in which its namesake civilization — the Culture — is a post-scarcity, trans-human, machine intelligence-led empire. Daniel Landau, a CLAMP colleague at Reed College, … Read moreWhat I’m Reading: Consider Phlebas

What I’m Reading: Trading in Danger

Trading in Danger

Kylara Vatta’s dreams of a brilliant military career were ruined by one well-intentioned wrong decision; instead she goes to work for her family’s shipping company. Her first mission: captain a ship destined for the scrapyard. Of course, it’s not that easy as Vatta decides to try and turn a profit of her own using the … Read moreWhat I’m Reading: Trading in Danger

What I’m Reading Now: The January Dancer

The January Dancer, by Easton, Pa. native Michael Flynn tells the story of an alien artifact chased across the galaxy by an assortment of heroes and villains, it’s a slow, rambling sort of space opera that was strongest in its opening chapters, but managed to keep me engaged from chapter to chapter.  The most curious … Read moreWhat I’m Reading Now: The January Dancer

What I’m Reading Now: Victorious

Jack Campbell’s The Lost Fleet: Victorious is a worthwhile, if somewhat disappointing end to the series. Having demolished most of the Syndic fleet, Black Jack Geary returns to his enemy’s home system for one final battle. Unfortunately, there’s not much to the fight — having gutted the Syndics in his earlier encounters, there’s only a … Read moreWhat I’m Reading Now: Victorious