Eat, Chat, Geek out about Moodle

CLAMP Presentations are available on YouTube.

A long-running tradition at Hack/Doc are our lunchtime presentations. These are 15-30 minute Moodle-related presentations in which presenters talk about projects they’ve been working on, cool things they’ve learned, or new code they’ve written. Past topics have included LAE Grader, WordPress and Moodle integration via LTI, and Moodle theming. If you’re going to be at … Read more

Google Docs stomps PowerPoint

Everyone hates those boring, black-text-on-white-background PowerPoint presentations whose talking points are more like mini-dissertations. This Google Docs presentation stomps those kinds of basic, excruciatingly boring slideshows into oblivion. It’s amazing to think that everything — including the animations — was done through a Google Doc. Engadget: Google Docs presentation makes PowerPoint weep, beg for mercy