Ferris Bueller’s Cubs Game

Baseball is very much in the air in ITS. The “catch crew” is eager for the snow on the Quad to melt so we can get back to our occasional games of catch, and we’re eager for the first pitch to be thrown at Coca-Cola Park later this spring.

Cars 2 character turn arounds

Courtney Bentley gave me a heads up about this one: Cars 2 character turn arounds. These are 3D models of the major characters from Cars 2, which you are all but destined to see if you, like me, have a four-year-old in the house. I took my daughter to see Cars in the theater when … Read more

Tron Messenger Bags

MAKE Magazine’s online blog has a great “how-to” post about handcrafting Tron-inspired messenger bags, complete with glowing neon stripes. Seems like a great project for the holiday break…

Tron: Cupcakes

Last week my wife surprised me with a Tron-inspired birthday party (my birthday’s December 17, the same day that Tron: Legacy was released). As part of that, she asked the good folks at Cupcake Ladies to create Tron cup cakes. Which they did. The photo at left was taken by my friend and coworker  Jason … Read more