Of Firefox Crashes and Blocklists

I’ve been having massive stability issues with Firefox 3.5/3.6 for the Mac for the last week or so, as Firefox got stuck in this crash-reboot-crash loop that I couldn’t break. My immediate fix was to launch Firefox in safe mode by holding down the [Option] key while clicking on the application icon (read the Firefox … Read more

Camstudio: Screen Capture Test (Windows)

Here’s my test of audio/video screen capture using Camstudio, in which I use Google to find Waldo. This was done on a Windows XP machine running Camstudio 2.0.  The audio was recorded using a Logitech Desktop Microphone. The final video uses the Intel Indeo Video 4.5 codec. The AVI video full-screen, 1.05 minutes long and … Read more