Video Screen Capture on Windows

We’re gearing up for a major round of usability testing this semester. I’ve found two good video screen capture apps for the Mac in the form of Silverback and Screenflow but finding equivelent programs on the Windows side is proving to be more of a challenge.

Jing is very close to what I want — it allows you to easily capture screen shots or video accompanied by audio commentary and the pro version allows you to save that video as Flash or mp4 videos. Unfortunately even the pro version has a 5 minute time limit, which kills it for my purposes — our usability tests typically run about 30 minutes.

Windows Media Encoder will record audio and video, but it only does Windows media files, and the quality isn’t great.

Camstudio is my last, best hope.

I’ll post video from all three apps to my blog over the next few days so you can see how things shake out and compare/contrast for yourself.