ITS Card Sort: The Test Run

Card sorts are an information architecture tool used to help discover how people would organize information on your web site if they ran the zoo. The idea is that you give people a bunch of cards labeled with web page names and then ask them to sort them into piles. They then label the piles, which could (in theory) become the primary or secondary navigation on your web site. Here’s the categories the ITS Web Working Group came up during a recent test run of the card sort.


  • Security
  • Informative
  • Quick Links
  • Equipment
  • Software/Software Help
  • Contact?


  • How To
  • Network Services & Utilities
  • FAQs
  • News & Announcements
  • Polices & Statistical Data
  • Public Labs & Smart Classrooms


  • Smart Classrooms
  • Quick Links
  • Virus/Malicious Software
  • Network Info/Access
  • Campus Computer/Software Info
  • Current Events
  • How To


  • Announcements and news
  • How tos, instructions, and FAQs
  • Policies
  • ITS Resources
  • Quick links to common resources