What I’m Reading: Forsaken Skies

A fleet of black t-shaped starships attacks a remote planet against a blue background.
Cover art for Forsaken Skies by D. Nolan Clark (aka David Wellington)

After spending two weeks in August reading Kim Stanley Robinson’s hard science fiction novel 2312, I returned to lighter fare with the space opera Forsaken Skies. It’s your standard aliens-invade-human-space-for-unknown-reasons story but that’s exactly what I’m looking for to wind down the summer.

This is the last book on my Summer 2017 reading list; if I can finish this by Labor Day then I will have succeeded in reading 17 books this summer. That’s the most books I’ve read in one summer since my junior year of college. It’s also likely my highwater mark; reading this many books between Memorial Day and Labor Day is a hell of a challenge and required me to be ultra diligent when it came to my free time.