Camtasia Studio: Screen Capture Test (Windows)

Here’s my test of audio/video screen capture using Camtasia Studio, in which I use Google to find Waldo. It was recorded on a Windows XP machine with a Logitech Desktop Microphone.

The final Quicktime video is 640c494pixels (full-size; I recorded a portion of the screen) It is 1.16 minutes long, and 2.95 MB in size. I used the “Web – High” setting (H.264 video encoding at 850 kbits/sec. AAC sterio audio at 44.100 kHz). The original video was full-screen; I didn’t attempt to do a full-size export.

Observations: Camtasia is comparable to ScreenFlow on the Mac, though ScreenFlow is easier to use. It exports in a variety of formats, although it insists on creating a number of supplemental files as well if you are publishing to the web (e.g. MP4 format). It’s simple enough to grab the file you want, but I’d rather it not be so helpful, and just give me the file I asked for.

I think it’s our best choice for capturing screen video on Windows; it gives us a number of configuration options, its fairly easy to use, and it supports picture-in-picture video capture of the user doing the testing (the only Windows software in our price range I’ve found that does this). This last bit is important: it keeps the Windows captures in line with the Mac ones.