Educational Activities

This page contains links to activities we’ve created and organized with younger students. Also, we’ve included links to other websites with other fun stuff.

If you’d like us to focus on a particular topic in our kid’s activities in the future,¬† let us know!

Get Swamped! – An activity from the Magic School Bus that teaches kids about wetlands (Activity PDF- “Settle Down”)

Clean It Up Activity – Learn about water filtration and practice problem-solving skills when you build and test a water filter with various household items.

Lemon Energy Activity
–> original activity: The Lemon Battery Challenge

Wind Energy/Pinwheel Activity

Symbiosis Game
Symbiosis – Visual Representation

Wastewater Treatment Kids Activity

Jack Johnson – 3R’s song – word document with lyrics and links to videos
or, go watch the videos: Jack Johnson AOL session, lyrics in video

Ladybug Rock Craft – The kids at KIC loved this easy craft!
(or, here’s a web-version: Ladybug Rock Craft¬† –

Recycled Plastic Hummingbird Feeder (PDF)

Solar Energy Computer Activity – Check on a live feed of the energy produced by Lafayette College’s photovoltaic solar cells, like the students in the Bangor School District did!
Solar Panel Info– some facts about Lafayette’s Solar Panels at Metzger
Solar Panel Lab Activity – SEES used small solar panels to engage students at BASD

Fun things we haven’t done yet:

Recycling Maze (PDF)

Online Environment Games – Glasgow Science Center

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