The Society of Environmental Engineers and Scientists (S.E.E.S.) is an organization with three main goals. First, S.E.E.S. provides a learning experience for interested students in the related fields of environmental science and engineering. Second, S.E.E.S. conducts research to help solve current environmental science and engineering problems. Third, S.E.E.S. seeks to promote environmental sustainability through community outreach and partnerships.

SEES Board Members/Project Leaders

Co-Presidents: Nicole Maksymiw (maksymin@lafayette.edu) Bryan Sherrill (sherrilb@lafayette.edu)

Vice President: Justine Perrotti (perrottj@lafayette.edu)

Secretary and LEAP/SEES Liaison: Brian Pinke (pinkeb@lafayette.edu)

Treasurer: Yue Wu (wuy@lafayette.edu) 

Community Outreach Chair: Emily Krackow (krackowe@lafayette.edu)

Pollinator Garden Co-Chairs: Kimberly Schubert (schuberk@lafayette.edu) and Allana Doyle (doylea@lafayette.edu)

Social Media Coordinator: Kirsten Binder (binderk@lafayette.edu)


Prof. Arthur D. Kney, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Professor
Civil & Environmental Engineering Department Head

Prof. Lindsay Soh, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Prof. Carolyn Buckley, Ph.D.
Laboratory Coordinator

Interested in joining? Students of any major are welcome! Do you have ideas that would make our campus more sustainable? If you have any suggestions for a project you would like to see on campus, click the following link: Sustainability Project Idea. Contact Nicole Maksymiw (maksymin@lafayette.edu) or Bryan Sherrill (sherrilb@lafayette.edu) for more information.