Community Outreach

SEES enjoys teaching others about the engineering and environment. We often work closely with the community outreach team in LEAP, as well as the Landis Center and other organizations on campus. In addition, we plan activities with students in the Bangor Area School District, the Da Vinci Science Center in Allentown, and participate at the Nazareth Science Fair to teach kids how to be environmentally friendly.

One of our proudest and newest community projects is the shoe drive. We had huge success in the spring of 2015, collecting about 9 boxes of shoes (with around 40 pairs in each box!). This is something we plan on continuing in the fall of 2015.

*Lafayette College – Check the blog on our homepage to see info for upcoming events on campus! You can check here for an archive of speakers and events from July 2010 and on.

*Kids in the Community Program

*Bangor Area School District (BASD) – They have recently helped us purchase an EnviroScape, a model landscape that we use to teach about watersheds and pollution.

*Da Vinci Science Center – Summer Science Camp – more pictures coming soon!

*Lafayette College/Landis Center Literacy Day – pictures coming soon!

*Educational Activities and Resources

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