Social Implications

 Celebrities and their Influence

Successful individuals are perceived to be more tanned. Society idolizes these celebrities. Therefore, the way we perceive them influences the way we want to be perceived.

For example, the cast of The Jersey Shore advertise tanning as a key component to being attractive. Does this influence society’s thinking?

jersey_shore_by_jerseyshorebabe-d3d2mooThe Media and It’s Influence

Society heavily relies on media commentary in shaping their opinions. Therefore, the way the media conveys information to their audience is essential in influencing society’s thoughts. The following article is an example of how the media can present information and mislead society into shaping their opinions about a subject based on commentary:


Is society so desperate to achieve their idea of perfection, that they are willing to risk their health? Is there a relationship between what society perceives as beautiful and tanning?

Mate seeking

Society seems to dictate that being tanned is beautiful, so those seeking attention from others are more likely to want to be tanned in order to make their appearance the best that it can be. What someone’s skin looks like is very noticeable, so many are motivated by the judgment of others to become tan.imgres

Cultural aspect

Due to its popularity amongst young teens and the higher risks associated with teens, many tanning locations have set age restrictions in an attempt to prevent these risks. However, are they 100% effective?

imgres-1Tanning is popular and considered a social norm in Australia, Europe, and USA. Is there a way to revert this common practice due to the health risks and concerns?

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