10 Ways Casinos Give You the Most Comfortable Experience

1. Subliminal messages in the slot machines convince you to stay on and keep playing! These messages increase the feeling that you will soon hit the jackpot.


2. To make you feel like you will almost get three in a row, casinos create almost misses!


3. Creating a comfortable environment of stimulating lights and noises! The bright lights and sounds create the illusion that others are winning around you brings they excitement that you could be next.


4.  With all the slot machines and game tables in a perfect maze you’ll be sure to wander around.  Finding your way to the exit will be your next game challenge.


5.  With unsightly carpets you’ll never want to move your eyes from the screen.  The shockingly ugly carpet will keep you awake and allow you to continue gambling.


6.  Not happy with the air? Don’t worry casinos add in different smells to the room to make you feel refreshed and continue to put money on the table and gamble longer.


7.  Food and drinks are provided… for a price from a hovering waitress so you never have to leave your seat!


8.  Time flies when you’re having fun, so who needs clocks! Casinos nix  the clocks so you forget the time and can continue getting your game on.


9.  Gamble in a trance with a continuous loop of mild music.  With no beginnings or end you will lose all track of time and never want to stop playing.


10.  Cashiers are conveniently placed in the middle of the casino. While you wait in the usual long cash out line, surrounded by all the games that you could still be playing.

Large group of people waiting in line

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