Extreme Cases

In addition to more conservative methods, a new method of tanning, known as tanning injections, has been developed. The process involves injecting a peptide into the bloodstream that stimulates the amount of melanin in the skin. Don’t believe it? The following video features commentary of a man who claims is addicted to tanning injections.



There are two types of UV light that potential tanners can be exposed to. UVA light contains longer wavelengths, and has directly been correlated with aging the skin more negatively. UVB light contains shorter wavelengths, and is known to burn the skin if exposed for too long.

In addition, tanners are given the option of using an accelerant or bronzer during their experience. Accelerants are extremely dangerous, and are recommended to only be used for a maximum of ten minutes before severe harm to the skin. Bronzers are used for a more natural tan, and the risks involved are minor in comparison.

tanning accelerator

The following videos highlight tanning cases focused on the way the media perceives the addiction. The first video deems the tanning addiction as strange. The second reflects on the life of a woman who has tanned obsessively for 10 years. The last video focuses on a woman who forces her boyfriend to tan excessively, regardless of the risks he is facing.





Case Studies

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