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Upcoming Event: Screening of Award-Winning Film “Barbara”

The Lafayette German Club will be screening the award-winning film, “Barbara” which is the second installment of a month-long film series focusing on the Berlin Wall.  “Set in 1980, director Christian Petzolds latest work centres on a doctor (Nina Hoss) exiled to a small town from East Berlin as punishment for applying for an exit visa from the GDR (East Germany). Planning to flee for Denmark with her boyfriend, Barbara remains icy and withdrawn around her colleagues, particularly with the lead physician (Ronald Zehrfeld), who is hiding a secret of his own. With her patients, however, the guarded doctor is kind, warm, and protective, even risking her own safety for one of her charges. But as the day of her planned escape quickly approaches, Barbara starts to lose control, over herself, her plans and over love.”

*** The film will be shown in German with English subtitles on Thursday in Oechsle 224 at 7 P.M. 


Lunch & Learn with Hebrew

Hebrew professor Reba Marblestone will discuss how the Tanach (Hebrew Bible) was a guidebook of life for the Puritans, and how this influenced the formation of government and moral codes in the early days of the Commonwealth. She will also offer examples of book titles, names, and idiomatic expressions in English that were derived from the Tanach. Lunch will be provided.

2nd Undergraduate Research Conference in German Studies Saturday, March 24th

You are cordially invited to attend all or part of the 2nd UNDERGRADUATE
that will be held in our Max Kade Center for German Studies (Pardee 429) this coming Saturday, 3/24. We are looking forward to welcoming 22 students from ten different colleges and universities (from as far away as UT Austin), and Prof. Greg Eghigian from Penn State who will deliver the keynote address (in English) after lunch (12:45 to 1:30 PM). Please see the attached schedule
and take notice that papers will be presented in English or German. Please register on the website. See you all then!

For your viewing pleasure!

Come to the language lab to watch broadcasts in a variety of languages: Spanish, Russian, German, French, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Farsi, Slovak, Portuguese and many more!

Click on a specific channel to view weekly schedule of broadcasts.

Channel 1: European Broadcasts
Channel 2: Spanish and Portuguese Broadcasts
Channel 3: Mandarin Chinese (The Confucius Institute) Broadcasts
Channel 4: Asian Broadcasts
Channel 5: African Broadcasts
Channel 6: Middle Eastern Broadcasts
Channel 7: Far East Broadcasts
Channel 8: Eurasian Broadcasts

The Elevator Moment

What’s your favorite elevator newspaper?

The Foreign Languages and Literatures Resource Center has been regularly posting the front page covers of several international newspapers inside of Pardee’s two elevators.  The newspapers aim to give students a foreign perspective on a variety of different themes and topics.  Can you find a newspaper written in Arabic or in Hebrew?  Check each day and see if you can spot a French Canadian newspaper, a newspaper from Latin America or even an Austrian German newspaper.  So ride the elevator, don’t take the stairs!

Attention e-Portfolio scholars

Dialang: Take the test!

The European Council has developed a proficiency test for 14 European languages. These proficiency tests can be found in the Pardee 419 Language Resource Room. Feel free to take any one of the tests and post your results to your e-Portfolio.
Recommendation: Each test is divided into subsets. Pick from Vocabulary, Listening comprehension, etc. Choose an area that  you are working on and take the test MULTIPLE  times.  Chart your progress in your e-Portfolio.