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Is Yik Yak a freedom of Speech?

After today’s discussion about Yik Yak it really got me thinking if it should be considered a freedom of speech. I agree people should be able to say and want, but they need to also be able to own up to what they say. People post on this site because they don’t actually want to represent what they say. If you are going to say such harsh and hurtful things these people need to own up to what they are saying. I think Yik Yak can be funny when posts are hurtful to others, but overall it has grown to be a place where people post things they don’t want their name tagged to.


I really enjoyed this film. I thought it was interesting how the director was able to be there when all this information was being released and how it all unfolded. I like how the director kept it pretty natural. One of my favorite scenes was when Edward Snowden was getting ready for a meeting but in the background you here the news channel on talking about him. It appears that he is not listening, but obviously is. It made me wonder what was running through his head at the time. Did he think he messed up? Was he still happy with his decision? Was he think about what his future was now going to be like?

How the poor were affected in 2008

I found it very interesting how even though these companies lost tons of money, their CEOs were still walking away with a large salary. I also found it interesting the director decided to make the point how the poor were the ones that were affected more because they lost their houses, jobs, and income. At one part in the film, the director said “the poorest pay the most” which I find to be very accurate. I also found it interesting how the director made the point how Bush made tax cuts for the top 1% but they were not the ones being affect. It seemed that the poor were not helped during this situation and no one really did anything to help them.

Roger Williams

I found the talk with Roger Williams very inspiring and very interesting. I have never been in the presence of such a highly successful producer before and it was interesting hearing his story. I loved the way he went about making films and how passionate he was about them. It was interesting to see how he got his motivation because he thought the story wasn’t being told correctly. It was also interesting to see how his assistance was so involved with his career in keeping it organized. It shows he respected her by giving her the golden ticket to Sundance. I wonder how hard of a transition it was for her coming right out of school to become so organized. I also wonder what classes she wished she could have taken to help her more in her job.

The House I Live In Drug Dealer Role Models

I found it very interesting how the drug dealers help supported others in their there area. I was surprised to hear that they bought things like ice cream and sneakers for the children also. It is so hard to not become a drug dealer when there are not a lot of male role models in these boys life. It makes me wonder how different the area would be if the school was also stronger and the teachers cared about the kids. It would be interesting to see what how and why the females would leave the school system. How many of them become a drug dealers and if they aren’t how do they support themselves.

Born into Brothels Camera Shot

I was very intrigued by the camera shot in Born into Brothels. It was inserting that she had to shoot at such a low angle to make sure she would not get caught. It makes me wonder how the film would have had been if she could record normally and people would not run away or be frighten of the camera. Would she have been able to capture of moving scene? Would she be able to add crucial details that she wouldn’t have been able to before. I also wonder if the film would have still won an Oscar if it wasn’t ¬†shot so secretively.

Always Superbowl Commercial

After watch Miss Representation I couldn’t help to think about all the commercials and ads that have been about self image and confidence in woman. One commercial that really stood out to me was the Akways #LikeAGirl Super Bowl commercial. It shows how people above the age of 8 and the young girls below the age of 8 interpret the term “run like a girl.” I found this commercial very moving showing that girls believe that they are strong, however, once they hit a certain age they think of themselves as weak because ¬†thats what people tell them. I feel a large part of our culture has to do with young boys telling girls they are inferior to them and that they can’t do everything boys do.

Camera Shots in The Graduate

One of the more interesting things about The Graduate was that it had many wide shots. The director chose not to zoom in on the characters face but rather have it seem the viewer was a bystander in the room. I found this very interesting since it allowed the viewer to watch what both characters were doing. I feel a negative effect of this, however, was that it did not allow the viewer to see the emotions the characters had at specific times. You can only read how they were feeling by there body language. However, the director did capture how the character was feeling if they were alone, like at the beginning of the movie when Benjamin in sitting there quietly. You can tell something is bothering him and in a way looks hopeless.

Chinatown Camera Shots

After just watching Chinatown, I noticed many different camera shots the director decided to use and how unique they are compared to regular shots. The more interesting shots, however, were done when Mr. Gittes was spying. When he was using the binoculars, they made the screen give his perspective and how it looked to him. The director also use the mirror on the car as a different view for spying. Lastly, the lens on the camera was used as a reflection as a form of spying. I felt these were all very unique ways to portray was was occurring and made the spying more interesting and intriguing than normal. One thing I also found interesting was that in some of the car the scene that the person was in the back of the car. I found this interesting not focusing in on the drivings thoughts or viewing what the driver saw, but in a way created our own perspective.

Sound in Bride and Prejudice

One thing I noticed about the sound in Bride and Prejudice is that every time the characters would switch countries the music is the background would change to the country’s songs they would listen to. However, it would only be played for a brief amount of time and then return to the indian genre music.