Ending of Persepolis

I feel like the entire point of Marjane telling the audience her story, was just to lead up to the ending. There really was no context of why she started the story besides letting us know how she got to America and all the events leading up to it. I felt like that very last scene in which the taxi driver asks her where she is from and she just responds “Iran” that even though she will try to explain where she is from with all her chaotic background, people will just here Iran and feel like that’s something interesting. No one will ever no all the wars and heart breaking trouble that she had to go through just to stay alive and make it to America. The only thing that they will hear is “Iran” and perhaps think about some recent events but would never actually link it to the person that you were talking to. Many people would think how could this person possibly have any involvement with what actually happened in Iran, she was probably away from all the mess. This could prove to be true in some circumstances, but not this one, and a person like Marjane would just be too exhausted to even explain her story. After all, it did take a total of two hours.

2 thoughts on “Ending of Persepolis”

  1. I think the important part about the end scene is that Marjane has finally come to terms with her identity. She is comfortable enough to answer with “Iran” when someone asks where she is from, because she has spent her whole life trying to hide her true identity for fear of not fitting in.

  2. I’m not sure that it so much has to do with the mere fact that she finally has come to terms with her identity, I feel like the ending is more to suggest her life is finally moving on and that she will never be returning to Iran. During the middle of the film the sense was still given that she was just on an extended leave from her home, but planned to return in the future. However, in terms of the end it is signified that she is actually leaving Iran for good as her parents came to the ultimate conclusion that she will be unable to discover happiness there. Obviously the ending is open to complete interpretation, I just personally felt that she is now going to move somewhere where she may express herself freely and truly discover who she is.

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