The House I Live In Drug Dealer Role Models

I found it very interesting how the drug dealers help supported others in their there area. I was surprised to hear that they bought things like ice cream and sneakers for the children also. It is so hard to not become a drug dealer when there are not a lot of male role models in these boys life. It makes me wonder how different the area would be if the school was also stronger and the teachers cared about the kids. It would be interesting to see what how and why the females would leave the school system. How many of them become a drug dealers and if they aren’t how do they support themselves.

One thought on “The House I Live In Drug Dealer Role Models”

  1. I do agree with you in terms of the female role in the movie. I feel as if the presence of women in the movie was underplayed. I don’t think that women were represented in this film that much. There was one female drug dealer, Eugene Jarecki’s caregiver/nanny, the mother of one of the convicts, and the girlfriend of one of the convicts. I would just be curious to see how this affects the women involved in the war. Clearly there are women involved because we did see very briefly a shot inside a women’s prison.

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