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After watching the documentary Soma Girls I was able to make a personal connection with the wonderfully done piece of work. Over the summer I had the pleasure of interning for a non-profit organization, The Anchal Project. Anchal “ is a nonprofit organization that addresses the exploitation of women around the world by using design thinking to create employment opportunities, services and products that support economic empowerment.  Our current priority is to provide commercial sex workers in India with careers in textile & design production.”

Having worked with this organizations I was able to see at a first hand experience what these woman truly go through and the helplessness they feel when it comes to their family and children. But after seeing this documentary and knowing the work that the non-profit Anchal has been doing to raise awareness with this issue is so very inspirational. My life was forever changed because of my interning experience and having the opportunity to see this documentary just fueled my inspiration.

            I believe this to be the overall point that documentaries portray and what their creator’s ultimate goal is. They know going into this there will be few financial and physical benefits that come from the project, but that is never there beginning intention. It is to inspire people, to change people’s views and motivate people to do something about it. I believe that this documentary did just that. It brought attention to the problem but in an ethical way, which many documentaries have trouble doing. They focus more on the negative and not what they are doing to change things. Unlike Soma Girls that focuses on the positive but also ethically brings awareness to the unethical issue at hand. I truly was inspired.

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