Who is Watching?

Panopticon is an amazing documentary on how technology in society is growing to fast. Through this movie there were so many different moments that truly made you have to take a second to think about what was just said. There were multiple scenes where people were being scanned by facial recognition scanners. I do not understand the need for everyday people to have to go through this. It would be one thing if this was just an in the moment scan to see if there was a missing person or a criminal there but it isn’t. This information is stored into a data base with endless memory. They know every where we have been, every where we are going, and every where we plan to go. I don’t know about you but this is not what I think of when the word freedom comes into play. These type of actions only remind me of the words I once read in the book 1984, “Big Brother is always watching!”

One thought on “Who is Watching?”

  1. The capability of our and other governments is terrifying. Sure I don’t mind if they are using it for good and tracking down wanted criminals. But the fact that criminals are starting to work the system and potentially frame innocent people is horrible. There needs to be a check and balance system put in place to regulate this spying and any government action from it.

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