Sound in Bride and Prejudice

One thing I noticed about the sound in Bride and Prejudice is that every time the characters would switch countries the music is the background would change to the country’s songs they would listen to. However, it would only be played for a brief amount of time and then return to the indian genre music.

2 thoughts on “Sound in Bride and Prejudice”

  1. To add on to this I not only found it interesting that the music would shift to the specific country it was set in but the choice of a soundtrack and the representation of the lyrics. When Ashanti performed “Touch My Body” I was completely surprised that this was the song and artist choice while in India. Throughout the movie it is pretty obvious that within the indian culture a female body covered and females are modest. When Ashanti performs she is not wearing very many clothes and is dancing in a provocative manner. I think this choice in music was to show the globalization of this hotel in India and how “Americanized” and touristy it was becoming.

  2. In addition to the music changes when switching between countries, the scenery changes were quite noticeable. All of the scenes in India were filled with very bright and vibrant colors. In nearly every scene, all you saw was color. The initial wedding scene was filled with bright red, yellow, orange, and pink, as well as many other colors. The scene where the four sisters are walking around the market place is also filled with color from the different fruits, vegetables, flowers, and costumes of all the characters. However, when we go to California, it is alarming how monotonous the color scheme is. In one scene in particular that takes place in the suburbs, it is almost alarming to see the uniformity of all of the houses on the street, the incredible lack of color, and the overall sameness of everything. I think that this shows another major cultural difference between India and America.

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