Reference Material

This page contains links to resources and references which the 2014 LFEV Team may find useful during the course of the semester.


These templates should always be used when creating documentation for the sake of consistency and professionalism.

Formal Document Template (DOCX)
Memo Template (DOCX)
Status Letter Template (DOCX)

2014 Reference Material

Here are links to the most recent versions of various reference documents for the project

2014 FSAE EV Spec
Genesys 750W Half-Rack Power Supply Manual

Motor References
Curtis 1238R Motor Controller (PDF)
AC-50 Imperial Continuous Graph 96V (PDF)
AC-50 Imperial Peak Graph 96V/650A (PDF) 
AC-50 On-Road Vehicle Conversion Wiring Schematic (PDF)

2013 Reference Material

Here are listed documents created by the 2013 LFEV Team which are being actively used by the 2014 Team.

2013 BMS Sensor Memo
PICkit3 Manual

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